Die Sehenswürdigkeiten und Highlights von Augsburg in drei Minuten.




Im Rahmen eines P-Seminars erstellten Schüler des Holbein-Gymnasiums tolle Clips zu Ihrer Heimatstadt Augsburg.

We are Nadine and Jessi and we want to show you Augsburg with our friend Jim Knopf! Have fun!



We are Lea and Regina and our video is called “Augsburg´s city and nature”.
We´re taking you on a walk through Augsburg showing two different sides of our city: Nature and culture.



We are Hanna and Eliane and our video is called “Fun Nights Out in Augsburg”.
We as young people wanted to present a guide of Augsburg’s nightlife, to make sure
that you will have a splendid time when you visit our hometown.



Our names are Madlene and Lykka and our video is called „My Augsburg“.
We included elements of Augsburg´s beautiful nature and cultural places such as
Schaezlerpalais; our intention was to combine nature and culture.



We define “The Feeling of Home” in Augsburg through various elements like nature,
culture and friendship in our video. So follow us, Selin, Ylenia and Elena, on our journey full of passion.



Augsburger Persönlichkeiten

Die wichtigsten Augsburger Persönlichkeiten stellen sich vor.