Directions for bus companies

Bus parking

Bus parking places are available on ‘Obere Graben’ street and on ‘Fuggerstrasse’. There are also bus stops for drop off and pick up on Karolinenstraße, at the Red Gate and on Jakobsplatz next to the Fuggerei.

Unlimited Parking:
Plärrer grounds, Badstraße (except for times of the fair or the Circus)
Parking at the Zoo/Botanical garden

Temporary parking - Limited parking with discs
Fuggerei, Jakobsplatz (1 hour/8am-6pm)
Obere Graben (3 hours/9am-6pm)
Eserwallstraße/Red Gate (3 hours/8am-10pm)

Tour bus lane (only drop off/pick up)
Karolinenstraße (maximum 30 minutes)

Tower clearance heights

Fischertor: clearance 3,30 m
Vogeltor: clearance 3,70 m
Jakobertor: clearance 3,30 m
Tunnel Pfersee: clearance 3,30 m

Construction sites

Current construction sites - information in Augsburg at the following link:
Map of current construction sites

Low Emission Zone Augsburg

Since Jan.1,2011 only vehicles with green and yellow emission stickers are permitted to drive within Augsburgs’s inner city. These regulations apply to vehicles registered in Germany as well as vehicles registered in foreign countries. Tour buses without low emissions may apply for certificates of exemption at:

Stadt Augsburg – Bürgeramt
An der Blauen Kappe 1
86152 Augsburg
Phone: +49 (0)821 324-35 16

More information

Bus support during the Christmas Markets

During Augsburg’s Christmas market, the Regio Augsburg Tourismus GmbH provides a special parking services for tour buses. Buses proceed to the Plärrer fair grounds via the south entrance on Badstrasse, where a guide gets on the bus and directs the bus directly to the Christmas market. Visitors are dropped off directly at the market and the bus is returned to P + R Plärrer grounds to be parked. Bus drivers may take a shuttle back to the Christmas market. Access to the Plärrer grounds parking is via Donauwörther Straße and Bürgermeister-Ackermann Straße.

Public toilets

Öffentliche und barrierefreie Toiletten findet man im Augsburg am zentralen Rathausplatz (Verwaltungsgebäude, gleich neben der Tourist-Infomation der Regio Augsburg Tourismus GmbH) und am Königsplatz. Weitere öffentliche Toiletten (nicht barrierefrei) gibt es auf dem Stadtmarkt (zwischen Fuggerstraße und Annastraße, montags bis freitags von 7 – 18 Uhr und samstags von 7 – 14 Uhr).


Kristin Hoffmann, Sophie Olsen
Phone: +49 (0) 821 / 50207 - 33
Fax: +49 (0) 821 / 50207 - 45

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