Augsburg Water Managment System

Landmarks of the Historical Augsburg Water Management System

The Augsburg Water Management System and its monuments – canals, waterworks, hydraulic power facilities and monumental fountains – have been included on the UNESCO list of World Heritage since 2019.

Although not every station of the historical Augsburg Water Management System is presented on this website, the monuments and museums portrayed here provide an overview of topics that are of paramount significance for all people: provision of drinking water, usage of hydraulic power, protection of natural resources, water hygiene and sustainability. These monuments and museums in Augsburg and also in the bordering county of Augsburg impart knowledge about the topic of utmost importance to humanity – water. On special guided tours offered by Regio Augsburg Tourismus GmbH on this topic or on the “Augsburg Water Days” more can be learned – you may even catch a glimpse behind the scenes of the monuments. We are pleased to welcome you, and we thank you for your interest.


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