Duke Maximilian Joseph in Bavaria

Duke Maximilian Joseph in Bavaria (4 December 1808 – 15 November 1888), known informally as Max in Bayern, was a member of a junior branch of the House of Wittelsbach and a promoter of Bavarian folk-music. He is most famous today as the father of Empress Elisabeth of Austria.



Matthias Klostermayr

Matthias Klostermayr, known as Bavarian Hiasl (in German Bayerischer Hiasl, in Austro-Bavarian Boarischer Hiasl) (3 September 1736 - 6 September 1771), was a renowned German outlaw, poacher and social rebel who had come to be described, particularly in accounts written in the English-speaking world, as the Bavarian Robin Hood.



Hiasl-Erlebniswelt Gut Mergenthau