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Augsburg, the third largest city in Bavaria, was founded by the Romans and is one of the oldest cities in Germany. This city, located on the Romantic Road, offers numerous places of interest, the most well known being the Augsburger Puppenkiste marionette theatre, the Fuggerei social housing complex, the Renaissance City Hall and the Cathedral. Connected to the splendid history of Augsburg are the names Fugger and Welser, Mozart, Bertold Brecht and Rudolf Diesel. The Augsburg Confession is known around the world. Today, Augsburg is not just a popular destination for city and culture tourists but also a location for exhibitions and conventions as well as a university town. The green neighbours of this Bavarian-Swabian city are (in the direction of Munich) the Landkreis (administrative district) Aichach-Friedberg as well as (in the direction of Stuttgart) the Landkreis Augsburg.


Luther 2017 – 500 years of reformation:
 Sightseeing in the city of the Augsburg Confession

Augsburg, the city of the Fugger and Welser families, is an important city for the history of the reformation. In October 1518, Martin Luther refused to withdraw his theses, during the hearing by the curia cardinal Cajetan, in the Augsburg Fuggerhäuser – a crucial step on the way to the reformation. In 1530, the Augsburg Confession (Confessio Augustana) was read out in Augsburg, before Emperor Charles V, and the powers that be. In 1555, the Augsburg religious peace gave the followers of the Augsburg Confession (Confessio Augustana), the right to freely practice their religion.


In 1999, in the church of St. Anna, in the most important Luther site in Augsburg, the joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification was signed. This was a great moment for the ecumenical movement.


In the year of Luther 2017, Regio Augsburg Tourismus GmbH will guide you through the Luther sites, and other sites of the reformation, in and around Augsburg. Experience the church of St. Anna and the Museum Luther staircase, the Fuggerhäuser, the cathedral and further magnificent churches. Discover the traces that the Renaissance and the parliaments, the Fuggers and Welsers left in the city. 


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Martin Luther and the Reformation – 2017 central themes in the Fugger town of Augsburg


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